Commencing Thursday 1st August 2019 – Sunday 1st September 2019

* Please be aware that teachers may be subject to change!
Here are the descriptions of the 1-2-1 Urban Hot Yoga classes that we hope will start you on your hot yoga journey. We would like to add that our style of yoga is not scripted or set in stone. We are a Yoga Studio that encourages the flow and energy of Yoga accompanied by our fresh and funky music. Everything in life changes that is the law of the Universe therefore, Yoga has to be included in that. We are forever changing, exploring and breaking new ground of the art of Yoga.
Hot Yoga All Levels (AL)
These classes are designed so that everyone can come and enjoy what Hot Yoga has to offer. They are based on the Ashtanga Sivinanda style of yoga, allowing your class to be free flowing and at a pace that suits you. 
Yoga Weekender
A Hot Yoga class designed to kick start your weekend on an upbeat vibe, powerful yoga teamed up with funky music to inspire and to feel. Be there!