About Us

Here at 121 Urban Hot Yoga & Fitness we offer a blend of Hot Yoga styles to suit all levels of ability, fitness and age. With our team of experienced teachers bringing their own individual styles of practice, allowing diversity for each individual to progress in their Hot Yoga journey. Bringing a blend of chilled & funky music to assist your practice in class to the underground vibe of our basement studio. Allowing you to escape the distractions of outside world and focus solely on your Yoga and wellbeing.

Our vibrant funky basement studio will allow you to escape the distractions from the outside world. With the studio heated to temperatures of 36 degrees, using a state-of-the-art heating & ventilation system, enabling you to practice and train in a safe and hygienic environment. Once you experience the magic our Hot House can bring your body and wellbeing, there will be no looking back!

Why the Heat?

121 Urban Hot Yoga is the only Hot Yoga & Fitness studio in the local and direct surrounding areas of Hornchurch, Essex. Using a state–of-the-art heating & ventilation system, creating temperatures in class of up to 36 degrees, whilst ensuring a constant flow of fresh filtered air is pumped into the studio, allowing you to gain the maximum in cardiovascular benefits when practicing/training, as well as the heat recovery technology extracting the stale air from the studio environment, keeping the atmosphere fresh!!
Studies have shown that heat can be highly synergistic with exercise, allowing the body to operate more optimally, ensuring you are getting the most return out of your exercise.

Heat Benefits

Not only is the heat extremely inviting and soothing as you walk through the doors of the studio. The benefits of practicing and training in such an environment are highly effective, helping you to achieving quicker results.
• It becomes easier to raise the heart rate, which in turn promotes cardiovascular health, improving blood circulation
• Releases muscle tension, allowing for a deeper stretch
• Increases muscle tone
• Higher energy demand for heat, high calorie burn
• Minimises joint stress
• Reduces the risk of injury
• Improved VO2 max (maximal aerobic capacity)
• Detoxification
Hot Yoga & Fitness is possibly one of the best ways to achieve a high number of calories burned in an hour. Out of all the forms of Yoga and Fitness training, it is perhaps the most challenging. It is not unheard of for an hour session of Hot Yoga or Fitness can burn up to 500 – 1000 calories, approximately 30% higher than other room temperature Yoga/Fitness practices, making these forms of exercise a calorie burning wonder!

Time to Embrace The Heat

Studio Etiquette


Our aim at 121 Urban Hot Yoga & Fitness is to provide and maintain a positive & respectful environment for all members, teachers & staff. Please see a few guidelines of etiquette we like to encourage in order for us to achieve this.

• Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class, lateness will result in no entry to class
• Footwear must be removed before entering the studio, to be placed in the lockers provided or in the shoe rack to the right of the studio door.
• All personal belongings are to be stored in the lockers provided
• Only a mat, towel & water bottle are permitted in the studio (no glass bottles)
• No mobile phones are permitted in the studio
• No talking during the class except by the teacher. This helps to minimise disruption for other members during class.
• Please be respectful & considerate towards fellow members, teachers & staff & most of all enjoy your yoga practice & fitness training at 121 UHY!

Thank you for your understanding & co-operation

Getting Started

Any type of gym or sports clothing is fine, clothing that is close fitting, lightweight and breathable for any Hot Yoga/Fitness class.

Yoga Classes:  A Yoga mat, plenty of water and a large towel, such as a beach or bath towel. This is to be placed over your Yoga mat to prevent any slipping during practice due to sweating, trust us, you will sweat a lot!!

  • Note: Mats, towels & water maybe purchased or rented at the studio.
    • Mat Rental £1 / Towel Rental £1*
    • Yoga Mats £20
    • Get a Grip (non-slip) Towel £22
    • Mat Strap £5
  • Water 1.5ltr £1


  • Fitness Classes:  Water & Towel. For fitness classes that require the wearing of trainers in the studio (Hot Bungee 45) if possible please bring a spare pair of trainers to change into for studio use, to help with the studio hygiene.

*Due to current COVID-19 Safety Measures and procedures in place, the rental service of Yoga mats and towels has been suspended.

Free Lockers are available for personal belongings.



Shahana Yasmin

My attention was captivated by the realigning and healing power of yoga as a method of restoring balance back to the body, mind and most importantly life.
The emphasis on self-reflection, self-reliance, presence and awareness coupled with the philosophy and integration of the mind, body and spirit for optimum health and holistic living sparked her love relationship with Yoga.
My teaching incorporates the powerful sequencing of the Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket Yoga discipline, along with the gentle restorative features of Yin Yoga.
With a background in coaching, mentoring and teaching, my enthusiasm, passion and commitment to the path of yoga (and the 121Urbanhotyoga studio) was rewarded when the Teacher Training school was established in 2017. As one of the Principle Yoga Teachers at the school, I teach using my 19 years of experience and practice in various forms of yoga, as well as the intimate knowledge that comes with years of teaching yoga full time from 2012.

Shanel Nolan

I started my yoga journey in 2014 with my practice, then completing my training in 2017. I was looking for something to help stretch out my muscles as I also run a lot. I attended my first yoga class and have never looked back, yoga has now become a part of my everyday life, both physically and spiritually.
I have since completed a 200hr Anusara immersion & teacher training course at London’s Triyoga with Bridget Woods Kramer and recognised by Yoga Alliance professionals.
I like to incorporate relevant themes into my classes and focus on the breath with movement. I like to flow with grace and open the heart to life’s endless possibilities. I think the mind is just as important as the body therefore I like to bring attention and stillness to the mind in my classes too. Move the body and still the mind

Suzi Power


Suzi has been a full time yoga teacher since March 2014. I completed my initial 200hr certification with The Himalayan Yoga Institute in 2013, my thirst for more knowledge has propelled me towards a further 236 hours of formal training in Reformer Pilates, Pre-Natal Yoga, Yin and Rocket.
Soaking up a range of styles and taking inspiration from many different teachers over the years, has resulted in a wealth of knowledge and teaching techniques to reach everyone from the novice to the most experienced of practitioners. I love nothing more than spreading the amazing benefits of this discipline to others and igniting a fire and passion in her students for all things yoga


Maggie Adesanya

My yoga journey started in 2003 with my practice, which left me wanting to explore yoga more. Since then I have completed a British Wheel of Yoga Diploma as well as attending various workshops such as Yoga for Children & Yoga for People Living with Cancer. I come from a Fitness Instructor background, therefore my teaching of Hatha yoga is from a strong stance incorporated with a Vinyasa element, having been teaching Yoga for the last 13 years.
With having taught at 121 Urban Hot Yoga from the opening of July 2014, I was also rewarded when the Yoga Teacher Training School was established in 2017 on becoming one of the principle teachers for this programme, something which I am extremely proud of and to date is growing from strength to strength.

Luke Bradshaw

I have trained in contemporary dance and as an aerial rope artist. Practising yoga for the past 9 years, I have been teaching power yoga for the past 6 years, in both London and across Europe. My yoga class has grown with an emphasis on the physicality and anatomy of yoga asana. Strengthening, releasing and opening the body, whilst pulling the practisers mind fully and wholly into the present moment to join with their bodies through the use of the breath. Alongside teaching Yoga, I am a qualified soft tissue therapist. Graduating from the London School of Soft Tissue Therapy in the summer of 2018 with a Level 5 BTEC in sports Remedial Massage Therapy. Having trained under the guidance of Mel Cash, an internationally recognised voice of Soft Tissue Therapy. In 2017, my continued curiosity and fascination with the human body has led me to begin studying for an integrated master in osteopathic medicine at the University College of Osteopathy, London. This prodigious centre of osteopathic education is the oldest in the UK, as well as the only degree-awarding osteopathic institution in Europe.

Tilliw Wood Wilson


Yoga for me is the bridge between body and mind. My practise revitalises, nourishes and stills me physically and mentally. My aim is to bring uplifting, dynamic classes with a mix of flow and strong alignment principles. Music is my mantra and is therefore entwined into my classes, giving me a creative approach to delivering the teachings of yoga to all who join me to guide them through their practice’. Currently teaching Ashtanga Primary (Modified), Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga and Restorative Yoga and a Graduate of Yoga London, I will be sure to deliver a strong class, helping you restore, revitalise and refresh not only the body but also the mind.

May Ling Foo

I started my yoga journey in 2010. I was hooked instantly to how yoga made me feel physically and mentally and over the years, I started to explore other styles of yoga, primarily vinyasa. As my passion for yoga grew, I felt I wanted to share this passion with others and made the decision to start yoga teacher training.
In April 2017, I joined the first intake of the Frame 200hr Yoga Teacher Training led by Emily-Clare Hill and Michael James Wong, spending an amazing 2 months where I gained so much knowledge and inspiration, as well as training in Yin yoga. I love to offer my students balance by offering a dynamic, yet calming practice, making sure to share some yoga wisdom to take away when off the mat. Always aiming to make yoga accessible to everyone, by breaking down poses in an easy to understand manner, encouraging students to further explore in their practice.

Tanya Ashfaq

I first found Yoga in 2014 here at 121 Urban Hot Yoga. I reaped the stillness and restorative benefits it began to have on her busy work life in marketing and after a few classes, I was hooked. As one membership rolled into the next over the years, I felt it was time to make one bold move and start a new adventure to find a way to share this with others. I completed my
200hr teaching training here at 121 Urban Hot Yoga in December 2018.
She teaches a powerful choreographed Vinyasa class that is focused on breathing, movement and meditation.
You will enjoy a strong yet graceful flow of mindfulness and concentration that will continually challenge you, leaving you with a powerful sense of connection, peacefulness and rejuvenation.

Mitchell Frearson

Mitchell has been a prominent figure of the Fitness Team at 121 Urban Hot Yoga since 2018. Having over 10 years of experience in Sports & Fitness, as well as being a professional Boxer. Mitchell incorporates his background of Boxing in the HIIT & Circuit sessions he coaches at the studio on a Monday & Wednesday, always delivering a strong fitness session. As well as coaching mixed levels Seniors & Juniors boxing, at New City College Boxing Academy in conjunction with Legends Boxing Club in London.

Anna Granger

 I am an Inferno Hot Pilates instructor. Inferno Hot Pilates complements hot yoga styles. It is also great fun and gets results. My hope is that you enjoy the class, give it 100% and see the benefits it brings you.
I have had a passion for yoga and have practised for many years. “Never wait for a perfect moment, just take a moment and make it perfect.”
My yoga journey started 10 years ago when I took my first hot yoga class and I have been addicted ever since.
I completed my yoga teacher training in 2017 and have been teaching regularly since then.
My classes are all about challenge and fun. They focus on strong dynamic flows with a little bit of relaxation at the end!


Lucinda Harvey


I first started practicing yoga over 10 years ago. It was a natural progression following many years of dance training in my youth. Following my training with Yoga London, I became an accredited Yoga alliance 200 hr Registered Yoga teacher.
I specialise in Vinyasa Flow, modified Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha styles, with a strong focus on core strengthening. Incorporating relaxation and meditation techniques into my classes also. I am an instructor know for my passion, dedication, caring yet dynamic instructing style that embodies physical, spiritual and mental strength. As our lives progress, change and we face many challenges, whether difficult or exciting, everyone one of them allows us to grow, as an individual and I believe that yoga can truly help us with this journey.

Richard Pryor


Having been teaching at 121 Urban Hot Yoga for the last 3 years, deliverin a class of Dynamic Stretching Power Yoga, which is fine-tuning your body allowing it to function in accordance with what it was designed to do.
Power, Mobility & Performance are the basis of my sessions. Power, increasing your strength & stamina, Mobility, of your range of movement & flexibility, and Performance in your sport/fitness or injury recovery/prevention.
Stretching with ‘Banter-Humour’ Grin & Laugh as I take you through a range of workouts designed to develop you “It never gets easier you just get stronger”.
As you become more experienced with our session, you will find yourself performing a wide range of postures and sequences taking your mind & body to a new level.
“Outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens”.



• Hydrate well prior to your Hot Yoga/Fitness classes, ensure you are not hungry,
• Avoid large meals and caffeine at least 1 ½ – class.
• A Banana or protein bar is a good quick energy boost prior to class

Your Yoga Practice

Whilst you may find some postures may come easy to you, other and many will take time to develop. Listen to your body and do not expect it all to come at once! Yoga is a journey; be where you are, not where you think you should be.
If you need to rest during class, it is ok. Always listen to your body, do not push into pain, especially to the point of bad pain, such as sudden, sharp and breath taking. Simply kneel, lie down or take child’s pose on your mat and join the class again when you feel ready to.
If you have significant health issues, it is extremely important that you have been cleared fit for exercise by your consultant/GP. New client registration forms are expected to be completed upon your first visit to the studio, with all health questions completed. This form can also be printed off (add Link to Reg form) completed at home and brought along with you.


If you are an experienced yoga teacher looking for a fresh start and would like to be a part of a dynamic teaching time, or if you are looking for part-time reception work. Please forward your current CV with a covering letter to info@121urbanhotyoga.co.uk