About Us

1-2-1 Urban Hot Yoga is presented to you by Danny Ellis founder of 1-2-1 Urban Fitness, Romford.

Bringing a blend chilled and funky music to Hot Yoga, with a team of experienced teachers  bringing  their own individual styles of practice to the Hot House, allowing the diversity for each individual to progress in their Hot Yoga Journey.

To create 1-2-1 Urban Hot Yoga, it has taken great vision, a belief and a little courage for us to break free from some traditional ties of Yoga. We are taking Hot Yoga into the future, enabling us all to grow and change as nothing in life stays the same.

To practice Hot Yoga all you need to do is be yourself. Yoga has never been about how far you can bend, it is more honest than that, in fact, Yoga is about how you feel and not how it looks. So therefore, to benefit from Hot Yoga please bring yourself, please be yourself and most importantly, enjoy the 1-2-1 Urban Hot Yoga experience. We are always here to assist you on your Hot Yoga journey.

About Our Studio

Our basement studio will have state of the art heating and ventilation system that is complemented by our boutique style changing facilities, our unique funky graffiti themed walls, and a welcoming reception area.

Let us introduce you to the world of 1-2-1 Urban Hot yoga and our handpicked basement studio.

The underground vibe of our studio allows you to escape and focus on your yoga journey.

With a blend of traditional and authentic yoga, and our unique twist of funky and chilled music for all ages will give you something you have never experienced before.

Another great feature of our studio is the ability to vary the heat to suite different experience levels, so that we make hot yoga accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Richard Pryor


Om Less Yoga is a rage of Dynamic Stretching Power Yoga, which is fine-tuning your body allowing it to function in accordance with what it was designed to do!

Power, Mobility & Performance is the basis of our sessions. Power increases your strength & stamina, Mobility of your range of movement and flexibility, Performance in your sport or injury recovery / prevention.
Stretching with ‘Banter-Humour’ Grin & Laugh as I take you through a range of workouts designed to develop you without the ‘Om‘ instructing in simple terms for everyone to follow, even for the guys. “It never gets easier you just get stronger”.
As you become more experienced with our session you will find yourself performing a wide range of postures and sequences taking your mind & body to a new level.

“Outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens”.

Abigail Clayton

I have been practicing yoga for over 7 years. I fell in love with the practice from the very beginning and took my first teacher training in early 2013. From my initial training I have been to various workshops and retreats around the world experimenting with different teaching styles. I found my hearts calling of a practice of flow and connection. 

In my classes I love to combine creative sequencing whilst encouraging my students to tune in to their own practice. Adding a spirit of playfulness and a huge dose of inspiration helps you to tune out of the noise and into the body, thus deepening your practice.
I seek to help others thrive in their lives by nurturing and nourishing the mind, body and soul through yoga. My hope is that when you step off the mat you feel refreshed, supported and balanced.

Toma Janulyte Stankevic


I started my yoga practice about 4 years ago. It allowed me to reconnect and reach higher consciousness levels and have a completely different outlook on life. Through exploring what yoga has to offer, I decided to spread my guidance to others, so that they can experience the power to be themselves – work on self acceptance and be comfortable in their journey, as well as heal and strengthen the body, mind and soul experience.

My main practice is Ashtanga Vinyasa & Yin Yoga. My sessions will consist of using movement with breath to flow through poses, building awareness and strength in Ashtanga Vinyasa and learning to go inwards and let go, by holding poses for an extended period of time in a relaxed body and mind state with Yin yoga.

I very much look forward to guiding you on your yoga journey!

Maggie Adesanya


My yoga journey started in 2003 which left me wanting to explore yoga more. Since then I have completed a British Wheel of Yoga Diploma as well as attending various workshops such as Yoga for Children, Yoga for People Living with Cancer. I come from a Fitness Instructor background, therefore my teaching of Hatha yoga is from a strong stance incorporated with a Vinyasa element. I have been teaching Yoga for 10 years.

I like to encompass a fun element to all classes incorporating a mixture of yin and yang. The beauty of yoga is that there is always so much more to learn.

Teaching is my passion, watching students explore and grow in their practice is pure joy.

 Shahana Yasmin


My attention was captivated by the realigning and healing power of yoga as a method of restoring balance back to the  body, mind and most importantly life. 

The emphasis on self reflection, self reliance, presence and awareness coupled with the philosophy and integration of the mind, body and spirit for optimum health and holistic living sparked her love relationship with Yoga. 

My teaching incorporates the powerful sequencing of the Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket Yoga discipline, along with the gentle restorative features of Yin Yoga. 

Shanel Nolan

I started my yoga journey a little over 3 years ago. I was looking for something to help stretch out my muscles as I also run a lot. I attended my first yoga class and have never looked back, yoga has now become a part of my everyday life; both physically and spiritually.

I’ve since completed a 200hr Anusara immersion & teacher training course at London’s Triyoga with Bridget Woods Kramer. I am now registered and recognised by Yoga Alliance professionals.

I like to incorporate relevant themes into my classes and focus on the breath with movement. I like to flow with grace and open the heart to life’s endless possibilities. I think the mind is just as important as the body therefore I like to bring attention and stillness to the mind in my classes too. Move the body and still the mind.

Suzi Power

Suzi has been a full time yoga teacher since March 2014. Since completing her initial 200hr certification with The Himalayan Yoga Institute in 2013, her thirst for more knowledge has propelled her towards a further 236 hours of formal training in Reformer Pilates, Pre-Natal Yoga, Yin and Rocket.  

Soaking up a range of styles and taking inspiration from many different teachers over the years, has resulted in a wealth of knowledge and teaching techniques to reach everyone from the novice to the most experienced of practitioners.  She loves nothing more than spreading the amazing benefits of this discipline to others and igniting a fire and passion in her students for all things yoga


Toni Miteva


I discovered yoga 7 years ago trying to find a way to heal myself naturally from several injuries. My personal experience was the very best proof that yoga is a powerful tool when you want to affect both body and mind in a positive way.

One of the best lessons that i got in the way of yoga is that the only thing I have is the fortune of inner world. What we build within ourselves is the only thing we truly have and can share with others around us. 

Jurgita Rebelo


I am Yoga Alliance International registered yoga teacher with over 700 hours of teaching experience.

I teach Hatha yoga, Hatha flow, Vinyasa flow, Dynamic and restorative yoga. I’ve received my yoga certifications in India – 200 hours at Santhi Yoga Institute, Kerala and 300 hours at Sampoorna yoga, Goa. Being committed to the long-term health I’ve also studied Ayurveda in South India, the home of Ayurveda.

Luke Bradshaw

I has trained in contemporary dance and as an aerial rope artist. Practising yoga for the past 5 years, I have been teaching power yoga for the past year and a half, in both London and across Europe. My yoga class has grown with an emphasis on the physicality and anatomy of yoga asana.  Strengthening, releasing and opening the body, whilst pulling the practisers mind fully and wholely into the present moment to join with their bodies through the use of the breath.

Anna Granger

I am an Inferno Hot Pilates instructor. Inferno Hot Pilates is slightly different from traditional Pilates. It offers a high intensity, low impact, full body workout using Pilates based principles. It is designed to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and improve overall health. It creates long, lean muscle mass, burns fat and increases fitness levels. It creates a stronger core, improves circulation and increases flexibility. It is low impact therefore protects joints and muscles.

Inferno Hot Pilates complements hot yoga styles. It is also great fun and gets results. My hope is that you enjoy the class, give it 100% and see the benefits it brings you.

I have had a passion for yoga and have practised for many years. I am currently completing the yoga teacher training course at the studio in order to share my passion with others and to spread the love of yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates.

“Never wait for a perfect moment, just take a moment and make it perfect.”


Katie McPherson

I’ve been passionate about yoga for over 10 years and travelled to India 5 years ago to qualify as a yoga teacher. I started my journey as a Beauty and Holistic therapist where I’ve been practicing for over 17 years, through holistic study of all types of alternative treatments from aromatherapy, reiki, reflexology and ayurveda has made me aware oh how beneficial it is to treat the body as a whole mind body and spirit. 

My style of yoga encompasses my holistic outlook. I teach a dynamic yoga flow, where I link with the lunar cycles, seasons and our own energy system, which brings balance and elements of strength, flexibility, encouraging students to break through their limitations both on and off the mat, through using pranayama, asanas and meditation.  

Job Applications

If you are an experienced Yoga teacher looking for a fresh start, or if you are also looking for part time reception work, please forward your current CV to info@121urbanhotyoga.co.uk 

Our Policy

For everyone to experience the real benefits of 1-2-1 Urban Hot Yoga we request you just go with the flow. And enjoy..

We politely suggest..

  • No shoes or socks are allowed in the yoga room please place them in the shoe area.
  • Please arrive on time giving yourself 15 minutes to prepare before the class.
  • If you begin to feel ill, dizzy or faint try to drink water, sit and rest until the feeling passes. This is normal, but if unsure please notify your teacher for reassurance.
  • Please leave all personal items in the lockers
  • Please wear suitable clothes to class.  You will need to wear close fitting clothing, lightweight and breathable.
  • The front rows are for experienced yoga Students.
  • Valuables and possessions are left at the owner’s risk. We do provide secure lockers.
  • If you have any health issues, please tell us in advance
  • Please remember to bring a Photo ID for your first time.
  • You need to be ready for the class, by hydrating in advance. Try to drink 1.5 – 2 litre the day before your class.
  • You will sweat a lot during the class so being hydrated is very important. Avoid alcohol the day prior to your class.
  • Do not come to the class on a full stomach.