Hot Fitness Classes

Hot HIIT the Core

HIIT the Core 45 is an exciting new explosive high intensity workout focusing solely on your abdominal area, which will help to strengthen the core as well as teaching you how to engage these muscle groups during your everyday workout, whatever the discipline. In strengthening the core this will also help strengthen and protect the lower back area and help with your posture. This is a high intensity workout in the heated studio, with the heat aiding in the extra health benefits that a room temperature class can not deliver,  a high calorie burn, detoxification, increased muscle tone  and increased VO2 max. Adding to the popular Hot Fitness classes we offer on the weekly schedule, HIIT the Core 45 is guaranteed to  get your weekly workout fired up!

All Levels Welcome

Hot Box 45

This 45 minute Boxing workout will be back under a slightly different format of circuit based training due to the current guidelines in place. With the use of equipment in a bubble based setting, which will be sanitised after each use. This class will be replacing HIIT 45.
It will be essential for you to bring your own Boxing Gloves to this class and the usual items such as your towel, water and trainers are to be worn. This class is guaranteed to be explosive & dynamic with more punch bags, as well as incorporating a full body workout.
With Funky House Playlists, this 45 minute high intensity interval training class is fuelled to give the maximum full body workout and with the added benefit of the HEAT!!

All Levels welcome

Hot HIIT the Bands

With the introduction of resistance bands with a HIIT class. This 45 minute workout will give you a dynamic, explosive and diverse HIIT session. A training technique that requires 100% effort, through quick, fast bursts of exercises, followed by short recovery periods. Keeping the heart rate up, burning more calories and fat along with increased muscle tone in less time than a standard workout. With classic House/Disco playlists to motivate your mood into full throttle mode to ensure you HIIT your maximum effort. This 45 minute, 36 degree C heated workout of high intensity interval training is fueled to give you a full body workout like no other! Only at 121 Urban Hot Yoga!

All Levels Welcome

Inferno Pilates

Inferno Pilates is a fitness class combining Pilates principles with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). A challenging full body, low impact workout. Strengthening muscles and burning fat for a leaner body, without the pounding of a high impact workout. Designed specifically for the Hot Room, with motivating, energetic playlists, this class is designed to take your fitness to new levels.

All Levels Welcome



 Due to current COVID-19 Safety measures and procedures in place at the studio, circuit based fitness classes where equipment is used have been suspended.

The Benefits of Heat Training

Highly effective in building muscle

 Increased muscle tone

 Increase in cardiovascular endurance

Minimises joint stress, while still highly effective

Reduces risk of injury

Higher energy demand for heat, high calorie

Easy adaptable for all fitness levels

Improved VO2 max


Meet The Trainers


Daniel Ellis

With over 25 years experience in the Fitness Industry, Danny has been eager to get 121 Urban Hot Yoga up and running, to bring something new to the Essex area. His knowledge of all training and resistance work led him to branch out into resistance band training with added heat, for an extremely effective way of training.   Danny has worked as personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach at many professional football clubs. His personal achievements include boxing at a professional level, completing many marathons, and successfully completing the Lanzarote Iron Man.

Contact Daniel Ellis: 07793 562888

Mitchell Frearson

Mitchell has been a prominent figure of the Fitness Team at 121 Urban Hot Yoga since 2018. Having over 10 years of experience in Sports & Fitness, as well as being a professional Boxer. Mitchell incorporates his background of Boxing in the HIIT & Circuit sessions he coaches at the studio on a Monday & Wednesday, always delivering a strong fitness session.  As well as coaching mixed levels Seniors & Juniors boxing, at New City College Boxing Academy in conjunction with Legends Boxing Club in London

Lewis Perkins

Lewis has multiple years experience working within the fitness industry. As a graduate of the Charlton Athletic Academy, Lewis has always had a love for health and fitness. Specialising in body conditioning and weight loss, Lewis uses resistance bands in most of his personal training sessions. With vast experience in circuit training at 121 Urban Fitness, Lewis will bring his bubbly personality and knowledge to help you get the most effective workout for your body.