Hot Fitness 45

EXCLUSIVELY to 121 Urban Hot Yoga, Hot Fitness 45 is the all round fitness workout that combines the heat of the Hot House with a high intensity fitness class that lasts 45 minutes. This circuit will include boxing, TRX, medicine balls, resistance bands, hand weights and training bar weight exercises to work every part of the body.

This specially designed class has been structured so that you can reach your maximal calorie burn as the heat of the studio increases your HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). All of the above combined with some uplifting funky music will get you raring to go!

Come and see what it’s all about for yourself!  

Your Instructors

121 Urban Hot Yoga would like to welcome the 121 Urban Fitness Team. Experienced personal trainers, with years of practice that will bring high energy to your fitness regime.

Our trainers will take you through each exercise safely and effectively and advise you on how to get the best workout for your body.

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The Benefits of Hot Fitness 45

Highly effective in building muscle

 Increased muscle tone

 Increase in cardiovascular endurance

Minimises joint stress, while still highly effective

Reduces risk of injury

Weight loss

Easy adaptable for all fitness levels

Improved VO2 max

Meet The Trainers


Daniel Ellis:

With 20 years experience in the Fitness Industry, Danny has been eager to get 121 Urban Hot Yoga up and running, to bring something new to the Essex area. His knowledge of all training and resistance work led him to branch out into resistance band training with added heat, for an extremely effective way of training. Danny is the owner of 121 Urban Hot Yoga and the sister studio of 121 Urban Fitness. This is a privately run gym that has established itself over the last 10 years in the heart of Romford, and has gone from strength to strength. Danny has worked as personal trainer and strength and condition coach at many professional football clubs. His personal achievements include boxing at a professional level, completing many marathons, and successfully completing the Lanzarote Iron Man.

Contact Daniel Ellis: 07793 562888

Lewis Perkins

Resident personal trainer, Lewis has multiple years experience working within the fitness industry. As a graduate of the Charlton Athletic Academy, Lewis has always had a love for health and fitness. Specialising in body conditioning and weight loss, Lewis uses resistance bands in most of his personal training sessions. With vast experience in circuit training at 121 Urban Fitness, Lewis will bring his bubbly personality and knowledge to help you get the most effective workout for your body.