Monthly Schedules


Teachers: SN- Shanel Nolan, AG- Anna Granger, MLF- May-Ling Foo, TA- Tanya Ashfaq, SY- Shahana Yasmin, BP- Bernadine Pritchett, TW- Tillie Wilson, MA- Maggie Adesanya, AMK- Amber-Marie, DP- Dawn Pellicci, FT- Fitness Team, SM – Sherrie Moon, MS – Michelle Spence, LR – Lucy Rogoff, GWS – Gemma W Smith ST – Sarah Tidbury (cover)

All Classes, All Levels

Most Yoga classes are for the duration of 60 minutes, with the exception of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday evenings & Saturday mornings are 75 mins and Wednesday evening Blended Fluid Yoga flow 90 mins. Fitness classes 45 minutes
We would like to add that our style of yoga is not scripted or set in stone. We are a Yoga Studio that encourages the flow and energy of Yoga accompanied by our fresh and funky music. Everything in life changes that is the law of the Universe therefore, Yoga has to be included in that.
All classes are designed for all abilities from the beginner to the more advanced practitioner to come and enjoy the benefits Hot Yoga & Hot Fitness. Modifications will be giving throughout the classes by the teacher to advance your practice.

Booking beyond this month is available via our Online Booking however classes and teachers are subject to change.

Teaches: KT- Kit Garvey, EF- Erika Foulds, VB- Vilma, Figen, EH- Emily Hunt, KB- Kate Bishop, Indre, SP – Suzi P, CM – Caroline McNicholl, NM – Natalie Mortlock, TWW – Tillie Wilson Wood

All classes will be open to all levels with instructors giving various modifications & progressions throughout taking your practice to Intermediate  and Advanced levels

Classes will be capped at 55 mins to allow for cleaning of Reformer equipment and the turn around for the next class.

Booking beyond this month is available via our Online Booking  however classes and teachers are subject to change.