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Teacher Training

Calling all Yoga, Pilates, Fitness & Exercise Professionals, Grow your career with a Dynamic Reformer Pilates Qualification

An URP Dynamic Reformer Pilates Qualification is a powerful addition to the repertoire of treatment and teaching tools for all Rehabilitation, Fitness & Exercise Professionals who understand the importance of the quality of movement.

Learn from our experienced industry expert Erica Foulds who has a wealth of practical experience with clients of all ages, levels and capabilities. With over 17 years in the Fitness Industry as a qualified personal trainer and having re-trained into the Reformer Pilates world 9 years ago for the former TEN Pilates Physiotherapy Clinics across London (now TEN FITNESS), Erica herself is a book of knowledge on all things Fitness & Reformer Pilates. Delivering personal & group mat Pilates & Reformer Pilates classes for beginners to advanced, injury rehabilitation & professional sports specific pilates for the likes of the Royal ballet Dancers, Erica’s experience and exposure in the Reformer Pilates world is endless. As well as writing and delivering course for TEN Pilates with their physiotherapy department, being their Lead Trainer. We are extremely lucky to have Erica working with us at the studio heading her own classes and to now be introducing our teacher training with Erica at the studio is extremely exciting!


DYNAMIC Reformer Pilates

Intermediate & Advanced Full Course 

2022 Dates to be confirmed soon!

*All course fees are Non-Refundable/Non-Transferable

All T&C’s Apply 

 To qualify for your Dynamic Reformer Pilates Teacher Training, you will need to currently hold a mat Pilates Certificate, 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate, Level 3 PT or Fitness Training qualification.

Foundation Course Content


  • Understand the basics of delivering a Pilates Reformer class up to intermediate level (Full course with advanced level and modifications for some common pathologies and post-natal).
  • Understand the mechanics of the Reformer (Align C8 pro), spring variations and a selection of positions, using it in a safe, effective way. (Full course explores more comprehensive positions available on a reformer, working with 0 springs, jump board for ‘cardio pilates’).
  • Learn how to work with the use of some additional small equipment a pilates ring and pole. (Full course with varied small equipment including pilates balls and dumbbells).
  • Learn key examples of reformer exercises for flexibility/mobility/abdominal and other core muscle strength, including exercises for shoulders, upper body posture, hips, knees and ankles. (Full course includes more comprehensive repertoire).
  • Discuss spinal positions relevant to effective reformer exercise execution. (Full course includes discussion in depth global muscle and deep core muscle usage and understanding common pitfalls and user error)
  • Understand how to effectively construct and sequence exercises into a short flow for logical muscle activation and utilisation. (Full course will discuss how to plan a 60 minute class).
  • Practice teaching a first time client how to set up a reformer. (Full course includes discussion on the full client journey through progression of beginner to intermediate to advanced).
  • Working maximum 2 course participants per reformer, always having a reformer for your use throughout the course day.
  • Discuss effective reformer teaching skills and experience teaching 121. (Full course teaching 2 others minimum to a max of 5 class participants, more comprehensively creating the best environment for your class participants, for example; your vocabulary, positioning, demonstrations and class feel).